Lenten Small Group Book Study


This is My Body - Adult Book Study

In the words of Bishop Robert Barron, the vision of this book is to “Help you understand the Sacrament of Jesus’ Body and Blood more thoroughly, precisely so that you might fall in love with the Lord more completely.”

Deadline to Sign Up: Sunday, February 4th!
If you missed the sign up deadline or have any questions, contact the parish office.

What is a parish book study?

Small groups meet weekly for the same 5 weeks to break open the message of the reading together. What might be a hard book to get through alone, is now five smaller readings broken up with time to share thoughts and ideas within your small group. Some groups may choose to read at home and discuss in person. Other groups may choose to read out loud as a small group and discuss as you go. Meetings will be about 30 minutes to one hour long depending on your group.

When & Where?

  • Meet during the weeks of Lent: February 18th through March 23rd.
  • Day, time, and location are determined by the small group facilitator.
  • If you don’t find a group that meets your schedule, let us know and we can help you facilitate a group that does. 

Here are the pages to read before your weekly meeting:

Week of February 18

  • pages V-26

Week of February 25

  • pages 26-51

Week of March 3

  • pages 51-68

Week of March 10

  • pages 69-88

Week of March 17

  • pages 89-110

These four basic questions lead the discussion each week:

  • What words or phrases stood out to you?
  • What did you like and why?
  • What was hard for you and why? 
  • What is one positive way you can respond to this reading this week? 


Small Group Discussion Questions can be found on the Reading Guide at the end of each reading section. 

The book for our 2024 Lenten Book Study is called This Is My Body: A Call to Eucharistic Revival by Bishop Robert Barron and was published in 2023 by Word on Fire Catholic Ministries. 

  • Books will be provided to small group participants by the Parish Office. 
  • In the event that supplies run low, sample copies may be purchased for $2 plus shipping here.

Reading Guide

A reading guide is available to help you take notes during the reading. Printed copies will be made available for those who prefer a paper version. A printable online version is available below. 

(This Reading Guide is used with permission from St. Francis Parish, Bend, OR.)

Already have a group?

Do you already have a group formed who would like to discuss the book for the five weeks? A small group can be two neighbors, a family, folks who already meet once a week for breakfast, coffee or kids’ play dates, or a group of people at coffee and donuts after Mass.

Email the Parish Office and let us know:

  • Who is in your group?
  • Do you want to open your group to more people? If yes, how many people?
  • What day and time will you meet?
  • Where will you meet? Do you need a place to meet? We can help you reserve a room at the church.