Holy Matrimony

Congratulations on your engagement! Our parish community celebrates with you as you prepare for Holy Marriage. For scheduling and marriage preparation courses,  please contact the parish office at least six months prior to your hopeful wedding date. 

This page is intended to answer a few of the questions which are most likely on your mind at this time. It may also help you to raise some questions which haven’t yet occurred to you but which will be important for you to consider as you make plans for your wedding.

For more information, please contact the office at (206) 842-3594 or email secretary@saintcparish.org.

Normally, those who are parishioners of St. Cecilia Parish. Parishioners are Catholics who live on Bainbridge Island and are not active registered members of another parish, or Catholics who my live off island but are registered and active members of St. Cecilia parish. The Catholic Church has a long tradition of celebrating the sacraments within one’s own community of faith. There can be exceptions to this, however. These will be at the discretion of the pastor and presume involvement of the person’s home parish personnel.

A Convalidation ceremony is a type of marriage ceremony where a couple has married outside of the Catholic Church and now wants their marriage validated by the Catholic Church. If you are interested in a Convalidation ceremony, please contact Fr. Mark at pastor@saintcparish.org.

The Pastor, Father Mark Kiszelewski, normally officiates at wedding of St. Cecilia Parishioners. But permission can be given for a priest- or deacon-friend to officiate.

Yes. The Archdiocese of Seattle establishes a marriage preparation requirement which includes those wishing to be married contacting the pastor at least 6 months prior to the wedding. See our page on Marriage Preparation here!

Saturday is the usual day for weddings to be celebrated. Some people may choose a Friday evening. The Church discourages celebration of weddings during the season of Lent.
The Church provides for the celebration of wedding either during a Mass or outside of the Mass. A wedding outside of Mass includes the marriage rite and a Liturgy of the Word with opening and closing rites. When both parties are Catholics and able to celebrate Communion together, a wedding with the Mass is preferred. When both parties cannot share Eucharistic Communion, the wedding outside of Mass is preferable.

Yes. The content of the service is set forth in the Church’s official Ritual Book for weddings. However, the couple being married is encouraged to engage in helping to plan the wedding service by choosing the Scripture readings that will be used during it. There are certain other options for the service, too, which will be explained to you. The parish also has standards and policies regarding the music to be used at a wedding. You will be able to consult with the Director of Music, Emily Neer to select music that is right for your wedding.

St. Cecilia parishioners may begin scheduling a wedding by calling the parish office up to 14 months before your desired wedding date. After an initial contact with the parish office, the pastor will follow up with a further conversation to begin the marriage preparation process.


The above steps should be followed before you finalize any arrangements regarding the place of your reception, contracts with photographers, florists, etc.


Conger Hall is available to use for the reception. There is a fee for its use along with a damage deposit, a cleaning fee, and a parish employee fee. A Use Agreement must be signed and a one-time tenant user liability insurance policy purchased. Contact the parish office for details.

Parish Wedding Liaison

St. Cecilia Parish engages the assistance of a Parish Liaison who is primarily concerned with the non-liturgical activity for a wedding ceremony. The Parish Liaison meets with the couple to talk about where the wedding party will be placed during the service and the actual rite as well as the process of entry and exit from the church. The Parish Liaison conducts those portions of the wedding rehearsal and is present on the day of the wedding to assist in the same way. 


Our music director, Emily Neer, will assist you in planning the music for your wedding. She may be contacted at music@saintcparish.org or 206.842.3594. Fees are listed below. Please review the list below prior to meeting with meeting with Ms. Neer.


There is not a fee for the services of the priest, but a gift of thanksgiving is welcomed and appreciated.

Fee Details

Additional fees are outlined in the Wedding Mass Guide that is available upon request.